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Telephone: 206-304-7390 

Welcome to CHALO SULKY   
We make dog powered rigs in rural Georgia USA. 

A cart has two wheels. A cart that seats one person is a sulky. A wagon has four wheels. Our wagon seats one person.

Dogs need to run.  Let your dog run while pulling you in a sulky or wagon. He will love you for that.

Sulky: Sit in the sulky. Let your dog pull you at his preferred speed. Usually this preferred speed is a vigorous trot.
Dog Cart: Load the children or groceries into the dog cart. Your dog will happily pull them.
DogCruiser: For multiple dogs, this is a fun rig.
TrailDog: Pack the TrailDog with water and gear. Hitch your dog and go for a hike. He carries the load, not you.
DogTrike: This three wheeled rig is easy for one dog to pull.

Custom Work: We like to develop new products. Contact us if you would like a product not listed here or would like a modification of one of our products.





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